MT is always at your side

MT is always at your side.
MT is all around you—at the office and in the home.

In your digital camera and on your mobile phone.
In the cars you see on the street and inside convenience store registers.
Even in the ticket gates you use when commuting to work or school, as well as the personal computers you use everyday.

From the MCU-based control systems that we develop, to the contactless communications, data management, and image processing technologies that we possess, technologies from Micro Technology are deployed across a wide range of fields.

These wide-ranging technologies that you encounter everyday reflect our expertise and passion at MT.

Our technologies support your everyday life, and you probably never knew it.
“Technologies that make your everyday a little brighter.”

(1) Development of Embedded Equipment

This area of our business focuses on ECU development support, consumer photography/video, audio and other AV devices, and development and manufacturing of special-order boards and prototypes.
We provide complete development support for hardware, firmware, applications, and manufacturing to help customers meet their needs.
Customers can also contact us to discuss their ideas, and we will help them to produce concrete specifications.
automotive (ECU development)/photography & video/office automation (OA)/audio/e-money

(2) Business Solutions

We recommend and develop business support application systems for on-site manufacturing.
We specialize especially in DB-integrated systems development, backed by many years of proven experience.
production management systems/distribution management systems

(3) Self-Branded Product Development

Our new line of business now focuses on the planning, development, and sales of original products using our own corporate seeds.
self-branded product planning/development

Areas of business at MT

With flexible thinking and deep know-how at the ready, we continue to engage not only in our original core business of embedded systems for OA equipment, AV devices, and car electronics, but also in business solutions for production and distribution management.
We also develop self-branded products using our technology seeds.
Through our committed efforts in these three business areas, we will always be a reliable partner supporting the future of manufacturing.

【Automotive Field】 ・ Development support tools
(Vehicle assessment equipment)
(Assessment verification applications)
・ Engine control
・ On-board electronics software related
【Image Devices Field】 ・ Digital cameras
・ DV cameras
【OA Devices Field】 ・ Facsimiles
・ Color copiers
・ Scanners
・ Image Processing (FAX, scanners)
【E-money Devices Field】 ・ Vending machines
【Audio Devices Field】 ・ Car audio
・MP3 players
・CD/DVD players
・ Digital musical instruments/effectors
・ DSP-equipped devices
・ Surround systems

【Manufacturing Field】 ・ Automotive parts manufacturing
・ Pharmaceutical compounds
・ Equipment assembly
【Distribution Field】 ・ Automotive parts distribution

  ・New Area